Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Having never tried Pajo's, but wanting to compare it to the always excellent Go Fish, Flowerbunny and I headed down to the Steveston Wharf with a couple of friends to check it out.  When we got there, they had a huge lineup that ran along the entire restaurant and almost to the gang plank that lead down to it.  It took awhile to get to the front of the line, but once we ordered, we had our food fairly quickly.

We all got Cod and Chips, two large orders and two small.  We also ordered two sides of mushy peas and one side of coleslaw.

A small order of fish and chips at Pajo's comes with 1 1/2 pieces of fish.  Flowerbunny got this with the mushy peas. 

She thought the fish was very fresh, and really liked her peas (though she is a big fan of peas in general).  The pieces of fish are a bit small though.
A large order comes with 2 1/2 pieces. I got this with an order of coleslaw. The batter was nice and crispy and not too oily, but there was a bit too much batter and not enough fish.  The fish was nice and moist, but I actually found a few bones in mine which is pretty unheard of for fish and chips.  The fries were OK but nothing to write home about.  The tartar sauce was quite good, though there wasn't anything particularly unique about it.  The coleslaw was decent but I've had better.

After we ate, we headed down the street to get a couple of screamers (soft ice cream in a slurpee) from a small shack we saw.  None of us had tried one before so we were curious.  I had a root beer one (not pictured) and it tasted like a root beer float.  However, the ice cream and slurpee didn't really mix very well, so I think I would've preferred a traditional float.  Pictured are an orange screamer and a lime screamer.  The orange one tasted like a creamsicle.  The lime one was good but had the same mixing problem as the root beer one.

Overall Impressions:  Pajo's is pretty good, but not as good as Go Fish.  Their pieces should be bigger and the fish to batter ratio could be better.  I'd eat there again if I'm in the area though, and in terms of its location, I haven't found anything better nearby.

The Wharf At Steveston
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