Friday, August 3, 2012

G-Men / Ramen Izakaya @ NanChuu 南廚

After a long walk around Richmond and late into the evening, we were hungry and decided to check out NanChuu. I've been to G-Men before and remembering the ramen being very good. When it closed, I was a bit sad. It was just recently that I found out that they have re-opened and merged with the tiny izakaya, NanChuu.

NanChuu is a located on Alexandra Road and it is easy it miss it if you're just driving by! It's a small restaurant and there's not a lot of space. We were seated relatively quick as we were eating later.

NanChuu Restaurant

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ceilis Irish Pub and Restaurant - Richmond

It's been a while since we posted! Been quite busy with work and haven't gotten around to writing much posts! Hopefully we can catch up on some of the back log we have :D

When driving down Westminister Hwy in Richmond, we drove past a Ceili's Irish Pub & Restaurant. I didn't know that Ceili's was opening up a new location here in Richmond! I found that there isn't a lot of pubs in Richmond and was excited to see that a Ceili's opened up here. I really like the food at Ceili's and was excited to give this location a try!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cartem's Donuterie

Cartem's Donuterie is a pop-up donut shop that opened up on the corner of Hastings and Carrall. It's in the seedier part of town, but worth the trip out for their donuts! Just ignore the random people that come up to you asking for change and make a beeline for the shop :)

Cartem's sells donuts for $3 each or $15 for 1/2 a dozen. It's a bit pricier than most donut shops, but it's worth it! They make them fresh daily and use the finest ingredients. The variety of donuts changes each day too.

1/2 Dozen of deliciousness waiting to be opened

And the revealing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fisherman's Terrace Seafood - Dim Sum

In the mood for some dim sum, we decided to brave the Aberdeen parking lot in order to dine at our favourite dim sum place, Fisherman's Terrace.  As always, it was quite busy, but we still got a table pretty quickly.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

About a year and a half ago, a friend of mine got a job at Bao Bei and told me I should come check it out because it was delicious.  Fast forward to last week, and we finally got around to stopping by for dinner.  It's located in an area that most would define as 'sketchy' at best, but the reality is that even if the denizens there are a bit seedier, they generally leave you alone or are too high to care.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Yummy Sushi - $2.99 Breakfast!

When going for lunch, my co-workers and I will always walk by this place: Yummy Sushi. We will always see this sign outside advertising $2.99 breakfast all day. At first, we were hesitant to try this place as it looks really dingy and a bit shady as you cannot see inside the restaurant (not even through the door) and the only things visible is the sign, a "cash only" sign and a faded, dirty awning with "Yummy Sushi" written on it.

One day, we all just decided to go check it out. Who can say no to $2.99 breakfast?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Cattle Cafe (Richmond)

Flowerbunny and I had decided to try some of the smaller cheap Chinese restaurants near us, so one night after work, we took a walk down Alexander road and ended up at Cattle Cafe.  Flowerbunny already reviewed the Burnaby location, but I'd never been and I love noodles, so we decided to give it a shot.  They were fairly busy when we entered, but we were seated pretty quickly and given tea.

Friday, March 30, 2012

La Taqueria

My friend was visiting Vancouver and the first thing he told me that he wanted to eat was tacos. He said that he couldn't find any good taco places in China and misses the tacos he used to get out of taco trucks in the States. After much thinking, I decided to bring him to La Taqueria. The tacos at La Taqueria are tasty and probably the most authentic Mexican tacos that you can find here in Vancouver.

The meat tacos are $2.50 each or you can buy 4 for $9.50 and the veggie tacos are $2.00 each or you can buy 4 for $7.00. 4 tacos are just the right amount of food for me, but for my friend, he ended up eating 6 tacos! There's also a variety of in-house made hot sauces that you can add to the tacos. The habenaro one is super spicy! I put few drops on one of my tacos and I can feel a bit of a burn!

Mmm Tacos
(Top left, clockwise:  Braised Beef Tongue, AAA Beef, Pork, Chorizo)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Michael's Wilton Cake Decorating - Course 2: Flowers & Cake Design

Just slowly getting all these cake classes posted... They will all be up soon!

After taking Course 1, I went and registered for Course 2: Flowers & Cake Design. In this Course, I learned how to make a variety of flowers using Royal Icing. In Course 1, we learned how to work with buttercream, in Course 2, it's all Royal Icing (with the exception of the first class, which we used fondant and gum paste).

Class 1

The first class is an introduction to fondant and gum paste. I think having this as a first class is a great preview for what to expect when working with fondant in Course 3 (Gum Paste & Fondant). In this class, we learned how to make Button Flowers and Pansies. The Button Flowers are the easiest to make as all you need to do is lay the fondant over the button flower cut & press mold, cut the shapes out and then assemble. The pansy was a bit more difficult to make as it takes practice to master the ruffling technique with the ball tool.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Deer Garden Signatures

I love a hot bowl of noodles on a chilly day. A great place in Richmond to get a giant bowl of noodles is at Deer Garden Signatures. The restaurant is known for their build-your-own bowl of noodles and the price is right! For $7.95, you pick your soup base, 2 toppings, the type of noodles and drink. It's an additional $1.25 if you want extra toppings, $1 for a cold drink and $1.75 if you want to add a fried pork cutlet, chicken wings, fish puffs, or fried fish on the side.  If you don't feel like having noodles, they also have a variety of rice combo dishes available too.

What I like about this restaurant is that they use no MSG in their fish broth, there is a lot of options to choose from and the bowls of noodles are huge! I can never finish a bowl there! All of the noodles here automatically comes with fresh bean curd, mushrooms, and cilantro toppings. If you don't want any of these, you can mark it off on the order sheet.

 Watercress & Almonds Fish Soup, Flat Rice Nodles with Beef Brisket and Fish Tofu
The soup was really flavourful and all the ingredients were fresh. Noodles were cooked just right and was not mushy. The beef brisket is a bit fatty here, but has a good taste.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Miku Restaurant

For our anniversary dinner, we decided to go to Miku as I Love Hotdogs has never been here before. I've been to this restaurant about a year ago and what I remember is how tasty the seared salmon sushi was!

Miku is a Japanese izakaya located on West Hastings street (right by the Shaw Towers) that specializes in Aburi or sear-flamed sushi. The technique behind this is that by adding the heat directly, it will enhance the flavours of the fish.

When we arrived, the restaurant was super busy! There were a lot of people at the front door waiting for tables. I'm glad that we made reservations. We were seated quite promptly after we arrived. A good tip to remember is if you go on Friday or Saturday night, make sure you make a reservation!

Restaurant Interior
Open kitchen, very modern (different from other izakayas), and very blue

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

L.A. Chicken

After reading about L.A. Chicken on a couple other food blogs and seeing how well reviewed it was on Urban Spoon, we put it on our list of places to try and then promptly forgot about it.  Recently, after a trip to Ikea, hungry and in need of dinner, we remembered L.A. Chicken was close by so we finally got to check it out.  

When we got there, the place was far from appealing.  It was extremely dingy and dirty, both inside and out, a true hole-in-the-wall.  This did not deter us though!  The place was empty when we entered, so we put in our order with the friendly woman at the counter, and after a 15-20 minute wait, we had our food.  They fry their chicken to order, which means you wait longer, but I prefer that to getting chicken that's been sitting under a warmer.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar

A friend from out of town had come to visit and wanted to get some fried chicken, so Flowerbunny recommended Chewies, as they had fried chicken on their menu, and we've wanted to try them out since they opened.

There were 9 of us who came out to this dinner and they don't really have seating for a party that big so we had to cram into a smaller table.
We started with some Louisiana Rock Crab Cakes.  These came with mixed greens and a creole remoulade.  These were pretty tasty, lots of meat, and nicely spicy.  The remoulade added an additional layer of spicy flavour.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ensemble Tap

For Flowerbunny's birthday, we decided to check out Dale McKay's new pub style restaurant, Ensemble Tap!  Located in the spot where Azia used to be, near the Scotiabank Theatre, Ensemble Tap is a lot bigger than his other restaurant, Ensemble.  There are two levels, and plenty of TVs, so this would be a good spot to watch the game at.

We had reservations and were seated immediately in the upstairs section.  Our waitress was super friendly, and did a great job throughout our entire meal there.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Phnom Penh

Having never tried Phnom Penh, but heard much about it, Flowerbunny and I finally decided to go check it out with three of our friends. As soon as we arrived we were greeted with an enormous line.  The restaurant was super crowded, and from what I hear it's pretty much always this way.  The restaurant is looks like a typical Chinese restaurant; kind of dirty, a few decorations, but nothing fancy.  This place is far more emblematic of a dive than a few of the places that Guy Fieri visited while in Vancouver.  It's strange that he didn't come here, especially given that they have some signature dishes for him to try.

While waiting we got the chance to look at the many awards on the wall.  There's actually a menu signed by Anthony Bourdain up there too. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Carver's Steakhouse

A couple of friends of ours wanted to go for out for steak and as we were all in Richmond, it came down to either Chop or Carver's.  We'd never tried Carver's so we decided to give it a shot.  When we got there, the restaurant was completely dead.  Not a great sign for a Friday night.  The decor is nice, and very steakhouse-y.  I think maybe this is just the wrong neighborhood for this type of restaurant.