Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cartem's Donuterie

Cartem's Donuterie is a pop-up donut shop that opened up on the corner of Hastings and Carrall. It's in the seedier part of town, but worth the trip out for their donuts! Just ignore the random people that come up to you asking for change and make a beeline for the shop :)

Cartem's sells donuts for $3 each or $15 for 1/2 a dozen. It's a bit pricier than most donut shops, but it's worth it! They make them fresh daily and use the finest ingredients. The variety of donuts changes each day too.

1/2 Dozen of deliciousness waiting to be opened

And the revealing!

Mmmm donuts

The Classic (Left)

This donut is a vanilla glazed donut and is a donut in it's simplest form.

The donut was just the right amount of sweetness and was crispy on the outside and cakey and tender on the inside.

Cinnamon Sugar (Right)

This donut is covered with cinnamon and sugar and was I Love Hotdog's favourite one. This donut has the same great texture as the Classic Donut: slightly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.

Triple Chocolate Threat (Left)

A chocolate donut covered in more chocolate with chocolate krispy bits on top. This is a must have donut for chocolate lovers. It has a great chocolate taste.


Vegan Chocolate Coconut (Right)

The vegan donuts are baked and not fried. By not frying the donut, it becomes a bit more dense. I found this donut to be quite dense compared to their other donuts.

Bacon Maple Bourbon (Left)

The sweet and salty combination is always good. It seems like these days, bacon is extremely popular in this combination.

This donut has some interesting tastes, but we're not quite sold on bacon being a dessert. Still a tasty donut.

Earl Grey (Right)

This donut screams Earl Grey everywhere. You can really taste the Earl Grey. There's Earl Grey in the donut, in the glaze and even on top. It's topped with mallow flowers which are used to make Earl Grey.

This one is my favourite donut out of the bunch.

Overall Impressions:
- Donuts have great texture! Crispy on the outside and cakey & tender on the inside.
- Donuts made fresh everyday and sell out quite quickly!
- $3 for a donut is a bit pricey.
- Did I say the donuts are extremely tasty?

Cartem's Donuterie
408 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC

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