Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Michael's Wilton Cake Decorating - Course 2: Flowers & Cake Design

Just slowly getting all these cake classes posted... They will all be up soon!

After taking Course 1, I went and registered for Course 2: Flowers & Cake Design. In this Course, I learned how to make a variety of flowers using Royal Icing. In Course 1, we learned how to work with buttercream, in Course 2, it's all Royal Icing (with the exception of the first class, which we used fondant and gum paste).

Class 1

The first class is an introduction to fondant and gum paste. I think having this as a first class is a great preview for what to expect when working with fondant in Course 3 (Gum Paste & Fondant). In this class, we learned how to make Button Flowers and Pansies. The Button Flowers are the easiest to make as all you need to do is lay the fondant over the button flower cut & press mold, cut the shapes out and then assemble. The pansy was a bit more difficult to make as it takes practice to master the ruffling technique with the ball tool.

Class 2

Class 1 is the only fondant class in this course. Class 2, 3, 4 are all about Royal Icing. The royal icing can be made ahead of time, it’s quick to make if you have a stand mixer and it can last for a couple of weeks if stored properly. To store the icing, put it in an air tight container with a layer of saran wrap and store at room temperature (never put it in the fridge as it will harden and cannot be used).

In class 2, we learned how to make Apple Blossoms (the smaller ones in the picture) and Prim Roses.

Class 3
Learned a lot in this class! We made daffodils, violets, lilies and the infamous Wilton Rose! The Rose was a bit difficult to make. It took me a few tries and I was still not too happy about how it looked. Practice makes perfect!

Class 4
For the last class, we had to make a cake, a batch of buttercream (because we were going to learn how to do a basket weave) and royal icing flowers to decorate the cake.

And here's my final cake: Blueberry Lemon Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

And a week later, I made a Captain America Shield cake :)

Captain America Shield Cake

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