Monday, January 9, 2012

Carver's Steakhouse

A couple of friends of ours wanted to go for out for steak and as we were all in Richmond, it came down to either Chop or Carver's.  We'd never tried Carver's so we decided to give it a shot.  When we got there, the restaurant was completely dead.  Not a great sign for a Friday night.  The decor is nice, and very steakhouse-y.  I think maybe this is just the wrong neighborhood for this type of restaurant.

Steaks at Carver's come with potato and veg, and for an extra $7 or $8 you can get a starter and a dessert as well.  That sounded like a good idea so we both went with that option.

Given that we were the only table there, we got pretty good service. We got some complimentary bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar which was...well it was bread.  Nothing remarkable. 

For my starter, I went with the Caesar Salad.  This was a little bland, and the portion was so small!  It was a super skinny plate and I was disappointed by that.  Also, instead of croutons, there was one big crispy piece of bread which I didn't really like.

Flowerbunny had the Carver's Salad which came with spinach, romaine, blue cheese dressing, applewood smoked bacon, Harrison farms eggs, and cherry tomatoes.  It was again served on a skinny plate, but this was definitely better than the caesar.  I hate blue cheese though, so if I got this I'd get a different dressing.

For her steak, Flowerbunny had the 7oz Filet.  This came with potato gratin and roasted veggies.  Overall she thought this was pretty tasty.
I had the 10oz New York Steak.  It was pretty good, nice and beefy and flavourful and cooked perfectly. This also came with potato gratin and roasted veggies which were ok.
 For dessert, I had the Molten Chocolate Cake.  This was good but not spectacular.  The chocolate was just OK.  The raspberry coulis added some nice tartness, but I didn't taste any of the white chocolate sauce that was supposed to be there.
Our friends that we were dining with got the Local Farm Pear and Apple Foster Martini. I didn't try this but they said it was OK.
Flowerbunny had the Farmhouse "Flavour Of The Day" Cheesecake which turned out to be lemon.  She said it was lemon-y, and good, but nothing special.

Overall Impressions:  Carver's serves decent steaks, but with the dining room mostly empty, the experience overall was a bit awkward.  I'd definitely rather eat at the Keg or Chop, as the food, ambiance, and service are all better and the prices are comparable. 

Carver's Steakhouse
7211 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC
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  1. Hmm... I was about to try this place because it's nice and close, but it seems like sticking with the keg is a safer choice hahah :)