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I've been introducing friends to Peckinpah for the last year, ever since it was first introduced to me, so I figured we should finally get a review of the place up here.  Peckinpah is a small restaurant in Gastown that serves Carolina style BBQ.  They have a huge selection of bourbons, along with a good selection of beers and other adult beverages.  But for me, the main reason to come is the food.  I've been here so many times for lunch, that I've tried pretty much everything on their menu.  Their sandwiches, which range from $8.50 to $11.50 come with one side and are a pretty good value, as it's a ton of food. 

Flowerbunny and I went there for dinner on a Friday night after a long week of work and decided to get a couple of beers with our meals.  She had the Raven Cream Ale (Pictured on the right) and I had the White Bark Wheat Ale.  We're not big beer drinkers, but we both enjoyed these.
Flowerbunny had the Lil'bit of Pork and Beef which comes with beef brisket, pork ribs, and pork sausage, along with corn bread and two sides.  She chose potato salad and hush puppies.  The potato salad here is really good.  It has a nice bit of dill in the dressing and isn't overly mayo heavy.  I've never been a big fan of hush puppies, but if you get the bourbon mustard dip with them, they're not bad.  This was the first time Flowerbunny tried them and she really liked them.  The corn bread was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The meat is reviewed below.
I had the Bit of Pork and Beef which is the same as Flowerbunny's, except with a bit more meat.  For my sides, I got potato salad and coleslaw.  The potato salad is so good that I ordered it too!  There isn't a ton of variety of vegetable in the coleslaw, and I've had better, but it's not bad.  As for the meat - it's incredibly tasty.  The beef brisket has a nice small layer of fat on it and is really tender and delicious.  The outer 'bark' layer has a ton of great flavour.  The jalapeno pork sausage is really good as well.  There's a bit of a snap to it, and a surprising amount of flavour with a really nice soft texture. The ribs have a nice dry rub on them and are fall off the bone tender.  There's no sauce, but there is a bottle of house-made BBQ sauce on the table that is amazing.  It's not too sweet, not too tangy, just really balanced, and complements all of the meat perfectly.  There's also a bottle of chili vinegar that's quite good as well.  You can buy both separately to take home. 

We have some pictures from some other meals we have eaten there as well.  This is the Beef Brisket with potato salad and southern greens.  There southern greens are surprisingly good and not mushy at all.  Other sides that they offer (but aren't pictured) are Corn on the Cob (which is just...corn on the cob), Baked Beans (Super tasty, best that I've had.  There's meat in them too), and Fries which are great with the chili vinegar.  If you're super hungry, you probably get the most quantity when you order the fries.

The Chicken Wings are good, but definitely not their best item.  They're saucy and have a nice flavour, but are otherwise unremarkable. A much better appetizer is the Armadillo Eggs which are jalapeno peppers stuffed with beef with a tomato sauce on them.  They're extremely spicy, but very tasty.

This is their Pulled Pork Sandwich with hush puppies and bourbon mustard.  The pork is great, super tender and tasty.  I kind of wish they had some coleslaw on the bun as I tend to like pulled pork sandwiches that way, but that's probably not the way they do it in Carolina.  If you're going to get a sandwich there, definitely try the Chopped Meat Po'boy.  It has chopped beef and pork on a baguette with lettuce, tomato, mayo, and pickles, and is my favourite sandwich (and I've tried them all except for the Oyster Po'boy as I don't like oysters).  The meat is covered in sauce and is super tasty and the sandwich is big and filling.

Overall Impressions: Peckinpah is one of my go to places when I can't think of anything to eat.  Whether it's lunch or dinner, they've got something I'll enjoy.  I've eaten almost everything on their menu and never had a bad experience.  If you like tender, BBQ meat, this is the place for you!

2 Water St.
Vancouver, BC
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