Monday, October 17, 2011

Il Pappagallo Caffe

We don't find ourselves out in North Burnaby very often, but we were out with an old friend touring the neighborhood where she and I grew up, and decided to grab some cheesecake at our old favourite place.  Pappagallo's is now located on the corner of Sperling and Hastings.  They've changed owners since I'd been their last, but apparently they'd kept the cheesecake recipe which is all that we were there for anyway.

Flowerbunny and I split the peanut butter chocolate cheesecake.  Pappagallo's does a mousse-y style cheesecake, like Cheesecake Etc.  This one is a bit thicker, probably because of the peanut butter, but has a nice chocolate-y peanut-y flavour.  All their cheesecakes have a graham cracker crust which I absolutely love.  For me, this is what puts it over the top of cheesecake etc. as being my favourite in town.  It's actually quite a thick crust, and Flowerbunny thought it was too much, but having grown up with it, I absolutely love it.
Our friend got their Strawberry Cheesecake which we both tried as well.  This one is lighter and smooth, and the strawberry topping is delicious.  Again, the graham cracker crust brings it all together. 
Overall Impressions: I can't speak to their other menu items, but their cheesecake is probably my favourite in the lower mainland.  If you're in the area, definitely give it a shot.

Il Pappagallo Caffe
6696 Hastings St.
Burnaby, BC
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