Monday, October 17, 2011

Kaboom Box

Vancouver's burgeoning food truck scene has given us some fresh, interesting lunch options.  Flowerbunny had yet to try Kaboom Box (formerly Fresh, Local, Wild), and as it was close to where we work, we decided to go.  I have been here a few times, and when it changed from Fresh, Local, Wild to Kaboom box, I didn't really notice a drop off in quality which is good.  Their poutine isn't quite as tasty as before, but the sandwiches are still spot on.

Flowerbunny got their Gulf Island Fried Oyster Po'Boy.  She though it was crispy and tasty and that the oysters were huge!  It's served with their house-made tartar sauce and signature slaw on the bun.  For her side, she upgraded to the poutine which is topped with a local mushroom gravy and cheese curds.  Back when this place was Fresh, Local, Wild, the poutine had a chantrelle mushroom gravy that was outstanding.  This one is still good, but not quite as nice.

I had their signature Hot Smoked Salmon Sandwich.  This is always delicious, with the coleslaw adding a nice crispy texture to the sandwich.  The bun is pretty solid and holds everything together well, but is still nice and chewy. I always upgrade to the poutine.

Overall Impressions: Kaboom Box is a great place to get lunch, and for $11 you can get a delicious fresh sandwich and a poutine. Definitely a great option for the downtown lunch crowd, and one of the best food trucks I've tried so far.

Kaboom Box
Northwest corner of Robson and Granville
Vancouver, BC
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