Monday, October 17, 2011

ABC Country Restaurant

While we were in North Burnaby, we found ourselves needing something to eat for lunch.  As we had just eaten some cheesecake at Pappagallo's , we decided to go somewhere close for something quick.  That place ended up being ABC Country Restaurant.

I had their Bacon Cheddar Burger with a caesar salad instead of fries.  The burger was pretty much tasteless, but the caesar salad tasted like I remembered it.

Flowerbunny had the B.L.T. with wedge fries.  She didn't really like it either, but the fries weren't bad.  In addition to the food not being very good, the service was slow and the wait staff was dressed rather sloppily. 
Overall Impressions: Unless you're going for dessert, this isn't really the place to go for good food.  I'm honestly not sure how it's still in business, other than the fact that there are no restaurants serving similar cuisine in the immediate area.

ABC Country Restaurant
6500 Hastings St.
Burnaby, BC
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