Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mui Garden

We've been wanting to check out Mui Garden for a little while now as it's pretty close to where we live, so when we found ourselves with nothing to eat for dinner last week, we finally made the trek over to see what they had to offer.  The decor is very reminiscent of, for lack of a better term, an American-style country restaurant.  Which is kind of odd for a Chinese restaurant.  While it felt old, it was pretty clean, which is not always a guarantee at this type of establishment, so that was good.

Their menu has all the usual Hong Kong Cafe items, but we went with the intention of trying their curry, as that seems to be one of their specialties.  They have a deal where you can select two dishes and they come with two bowls of rice (either oil or regular) and two bowls of soup for $26.  This seemed like the way to go, so we ordered that.

First up was their soup.  It had orange and green carrots and onions and pork in it.  This was kind of bland for me, as there was very little taste other than a slight pork broth flavour.  Flowerbunny liked it though.

For our first main dish we chose the Beef Brisket CurryWhen it arrived, you could see some oil around the outside of the bowl which didn't bode well, but upon tasting it, there was no oiliness to be found.  The curry was unlike your typical Indian or Thai curries, in that it was super thick and creamy.  It was also quite mild.  There were big chunks of potato in it that soaked up the flavour nicely, and the beef brisket was super tender.  It just melted in your mouth.  I am in love with this curry and can't wait to go back to have it again.
Our second main dish was the Pea Shoots with Garlic.  These were cooked perfectly, and had a nice garlic flavour to them.  The stalks were still slightly crisp, and the leaves weren't stringy at all.  These two dishes turned out to be an amazing combination as the flavours were very different but complementary, and the pea shoots added a nice crunch to contrast the creamy softness of the curry.
Our two bowls of rice were both quite big.  In fact, all the portions were big.  There was enough leftover so that I had a nice lunch the next day.  The curry was just as good a day later!
Overall Impressions: I can't wait to go back for more curry.  The reviews I've read have suggested that some of their other dishes are not so good, but the ones I had there were excellent, and I can't wait to eat them again.  They're also known for their Hai Nan Chicken, and while I've never been a huge fan of that dish, I'll try to give it a shot next time.  Just writing this review and thinking of the curry has me salivating for more, and a return visit this weekend may be in order so I can satisfy my craving!

Mui Garden
5960 Minoru Blvd.
Richmond, BC
Mui Garden 梅園粉麵茶餐廳 (Richmond) on Urbanspoon

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