Wednesday, October 26, 2011

La Régalade

Anytime a friend has a birthday, it seems like we all go out for dinner.  Which is fine by me!  This time we all went to a french restaurant in West Vancouver called La Régalade.  The interior is dark and everything is cozy with the wood surfaces giving it a rustic feel, a very casual French bistro kind of vibe.  Along with their regular menu, they have these giant chalk boards with their specials written on them that they bring over to your table.

Two dishes had been recommended to me as must-haves, and Flowerbunny got one of them for her appetizer: the Moules Marinières (Mussels).  I'm not a fan of mussels, so that worked out well, as I got to try the broth at least.  She really liked them.  They were really big and tasty.  She thought the broth was average though.

For my appetizer, I decided to go with the Gratinée Lyonnaise (French Onion Soup).  This was maybe the best french onion soup that I've ever had.  It was so hot and gooey and wonderfully decadent.  The cheese was melted perfectly and crusted on the outside.  The soup itself was incredibly rich and flavourful with a lot of onions and bread to add to the texture.

The birthday boy and his girlfriend decided to both order the Piece de Boeuf grillée aux échalotes, ails et pommes de terre (Grilled prime rib with shallots, garlic, and potato confite) and we took a picture as it's very impressive looking. I got to try a bit of potato and a bit of the prime rib and while the potato was excellent, the prime rib was average.  I've definitely had better.

For her main, Flowerbunny ordered off the specials board (though from what I understand, most of these aren't really specials as they're always available. Maybe specialties is a better way of putting it) and had the 7 Hour Leg of Lamb. The lamb was super tender and melt in your mouth.  She really liked this.  The broth was super flavourful, though it had maybe a touch too much red wine taste for me.  The carrots were super tasty as well.
I also ordered off the specials board, and had the Beef Shortribs with Peppercorn Sauce, which was the other dish that was recommended to me.  The picture shows two big shortribs in the pot, but that is because someone else at the table ordered it, and they cooked them together.  These did not disappoint.  The shortrib was incredibly tender and just fell apart on your fork; no need for a knife!  The broth was very tasty and the carrots were the perfect complement somehow.  This dish was unbelievable and I would definitely order this if I went again.

Included with each entree (except for the prime rib) were some Gratin Of Potatoes.  Flowerbunny loved these.  I thought the cream was a bit watery, but the top was great with the nice crispy bits.

Overall Impressions: La Regalade would be a great place to go on a cold night. It's a bit of a drive for us, but I'm sure I'll be back at some point, just so I can eat those shortribs again.  The service is very friendly, and not at all snobby, and the atmosphere is casual and inviting.  Definitely one of the best French restaurants that I've been to in the Lower Mainland.

La Régalade
2232 Marine Dr
West Vancouver, BC
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