Friday, October 29, 2010

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen - Taste of Yaletown

We went to Goldfish to for their Taste of Yaletown menu. I've been to Goldfish before and I really like the food and atmosphere there. The food is always well executed and it's a very chic, modern and trendy restaurant. The dining room is sizeable and the lounge is a great place to hang out and get drinks. This restaurant is one of the few that I think does fusion very well.

For the Taste of Yaletown, they offer a $35 set-menu where you get to choose 1 appetizer, 1 entree and 1 dessert from a selection of 3. On the menu, the appetizers that you can choose between are a tuna ceviche, papya salad or king crab tempura. For the mains, a salmon, prawn gomiti, or bison. And finally dessert, creme brule, almond cheesecake or chocolate lava cake.

For the appetizers, we ordered the tuna ceviche and the king crab tempera. Our server recommended that we should get 2 orders of the king crab tempura as it was really good and that you can't have just one. Sounded tempting, but we decided to just order different dishes so we can try all of it. For the entrees we ordered the salmon and bison. Our server also recommended the bacon fried rice with the quail egg as a side. We decided to get a 1/2 order of it to accompany our mains. And finally for dessert, the creme brule and the chocolate lava cake.

Tuna Poke
Fresh ahi, chopped scallop, hamachi, creamy avocado, ceviche sauce

The ceviche was really fresh and I really liked all the flavours. Even my boyfriend who doesn't really like raw tuna liked this dish! Maybe I can covert him into a sushi lover one day.

King Crab Tempura
Crushed avocado, sweet soy, grana padano, bacon

Our server was right about this dish! You can't eat just one! It was really tasty and we wished we had more. The server told us that for the Taste of Yaletown Menu, the portions are slightly smaller than what they would offer. I'm assuming that if you ordered the full size of this appetizer, you would get more than 1.

Lois Lake Steelhead Salmon
With sweet pea & ricotta dumplings

The fish was cooked perfectly and the skin was crispy. The ricotta dumpling was more like a giant ravioli it was really good. And the pea shoots/pea tips really compliment the dish. Overall, a very tasty dish!

Bison Flat Iron
With crushed potato and coriander

My boyfriend never had bison before, and was excited to try this dish. The bison was cooked to a medium rare and was really good. It tastes a bit different than steak for sure. A more "meaty-ier" taste.

Bacon Fried Rice
With fried quail eggs and scallions

I wasn't quick enough with my camera and didn't manage to get a shot of the rice with the whole fried quail eggs... So here's a picture of it with it all mixed together!

The rice is really good. The best bacon fried rice I've had. It's loaded with bacon and soooo good. A must ordered side if you go to Goldfish!

And finally, dessert!

White Chocolate and Jasmine Crème Brule

The sugar was crispy (but not too crispy) and there was a hint of white chocolate and jasmine. Not too sweet, a great ending to this meal.

Chocolate Lava Cake
With vanilla gelato

This was a really good dessert too. Chocolatey and the gelato was good!

Overall Impressions: I really like Goldfish and am never disappointed when I go there. The service is always good and the food is always well executed. Great all around. I enjoyed the Taste of Yaletown Menu a lot, and I will be returning to this restaurant again! Don't forget to visit their sister restaurant, Joe Fortes, which is very good as well.

Goldfish Pacific Kitchen
1118 Mainland St
Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604.689.8318
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