Saturday, October 16, 2010

YEW Restaurant + Bar

We went to YEW for some drinks for a friend's birthday. The restaurant + bar is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel Downtown. The decor there is hip and modern and the wood inside the restaurant really adds character. It's a place where people can have a few drinks and hang out. It isn't too loud in there (which I like) because most of the time at lounges, it gets too loud and you can barely hear the other person talk.

We ordered some cocktails and appetizers. The cocktails menu will change from time to time and there are a lot of cocktails/drinks to choose from. The cocktails there are unique and I haven't seen any of them at any other restaurant before.

Chocolate Dream Martini

Chicken Wings

We ordered the dry rub chicken wings. The second option was a spicy one which I didn't feel like eating that night...I wasn't feeling the spicy. The chicken wings were really good! Some of the best wings I've had. It was crispy on the outside and not dry inside. The seasoning was tasty too. It had a hint of curry to it.

Peking Duck and Spring Onion Pancake

Surprisingly, this was pretty good! I didn't know what to expect when ordering this. The duck was really flavourful and the pancake is similar to a crepe.

Crispy Whole Wheat Pita, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

This appetizer was okay. It sounded better than it tasted. It was a bit bland and there wasn't much flavour in the hummus.

Truffle Mac n Cheese

This was a really good mac n cheese! Maybe because there were truffles in it =) It was creamy and cheesy. Mmmm

Left:  Homemade Ice Cream for Two – Nutella, Caramel Honeycomb, S'more Ice Cream, Roasted Pineapple, Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie, Raspberry Sauce

Right:  Chocolate – Dark Chocolate Praline Bar, Spiced Orange Compote, Orange Sorbet 

The ice cream sundae is massive!! It's enough for 4 people. For 2, it's too much ice cream... The sundae cost $16 and split with four people, it's reasonable. I think it's a great dessert to share! The Chocolate dessert was good too. Chocolate and orange is a great combination!

Overall Impressions: YEW is a great lounge to go for some drinks and appetizers. I want to go back and try the dinner there since I liked what appetizers I had there.

YEW Restaurant + Bar
791 W Georgia St
Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604.689.9333 
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On an unrelated note, after we left YEW, I noticed that someone filled the fountain in front of the Art Gallery with soap! Hehe

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