Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Scuié, pronounced "Shoe-eh" is slang for "good and fast". Good, yes. Fast, not so much as there were a lot of people lined up there for lunch. I'm pretty sure if there wasn't so many people, it would be fast!

Scuié is an Italian café located downtown that serves flat bread pizza, pasta, sandwiches, coffee and pastries. The pizza there is soooo good! The pizza here isn't sold by "slice" but by weight. You tell them how big of a piece you want and they will cut a piece, weight it and then tell you how much to pay. I'm not sure how much they charge per gram or kilogram as I didn't see the scale when they weighed the pizza. But we paid about $21 for 3 slices.

We ordered 2 of their salad pizzas which are greens on top of their flat bread and served cold and 1 slice of the hot pizzas.

Tomato sauce, misculin salad, and smoked salmon

Tomato sauce, misculin salad, sliced bocconcini, sliced tomatoes and olive oil

Both pizzas were fresh and I really liked the crispiness and chewiness of the flat bread.

Pancetta with Caramelized Onions
Pancetta, caramelized onions and I think it was mozzarella

Overall Impressions: Great pizza! I love the variety that they have there and the flat bread. I would definitely go back there for lunch to try the rest of the pizza they have and also to try their coffee and pastries.

800 W Pender Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604.602.7263
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