Thursday, November 4, 2010

ShuRaku Sake Bar & Bistro

ShuRaku = "enjoyment of sake".

ShuRaku is a sushi izakaya with an extensive list of sake located on Granville street. What makes this izakaya different from others is that they offer a wide selection of sushi along with the tapas. When we arrived, we were greeted and got a choice of either sitting at the sushi bar or at a table. We opted to sit at the table. Even though sitting at the sushi bar would have been nice too as you can see all the chefs work. Horray for open kitchens =)

We ordered some Genmaicha tea (roasted brown rice & green tea) and took a look at the menu. It took us a while to decide what we wanted to eat as we are indecisive most of the time. There is only so much food 2 people can eat! And it's tough to decide what to try at a restaurant we've haven't been to before. We decided to order 2 hot dishes, 2 signature rolls and some nigiri sushi.

Genmaicha Tea

Karaage Nanban
Deep fried chicken with sweet and sour nanban sauce.

This was really good! The sauce tasted a bit like a soy sauce, but also had the sweet and sour tang to it.

Rice Burgers

On the special sheet, they had rice burgers! Instead of a bun, it's rice that sandwiches the meat patty. We originally ordered one, but the waitress suggested that we order 2 as it would be difficult to share 1 and that it's so good, you don't want to share. And she was right! It was really good. I didn't think I would had been able to share this.

More rice burger pictures!

Rainbow Roll
Fresh Dungeness crab, cucumber, avocado roll with slices of tuna, salmon, ebi, saba, hamachi.

This roll is essentially a california roll with an assortment of sashimi on top. It was fresh and tasty.

Assortment of Nigiri Sushi
Unagi, saba and salmon

I really like saba sushi and always order a couple pieces of nigiri if the restaurant has saba available. The saba at ShuRaku was good and they remembered the green onions and ginger on top of the sushi! (Where most places will forget to put it on top). The rest of the nigiri sushi was fresh and tasty!

Mmmm Sushi... Roll Call! 
(yes, that was a bit cheesy =P)

Golden Autumn Roll
Yam tempura, cream cheese with lightly seared salmon, miso mayo and tobiko on top.

We got the tobiko (fish roe) on the side because my boyfriend doesn't like the texture of tobiko. The tobiko adds some texture to the softness of the roll.

Overall Impressions: I really like how ShuRaku also offers sushi along with their tapas. Most izakayas I've been to, there usually isn't a lot of options for sushi. The rolls at ShuRaku are creative and tasty. Who would have thought that yams and cream cheese go together! They have great fresh ingredients. The fish tasted fresh and was good! The service was friendly and we were all thanked by the staff when we left the restaurant. I will definitely be back to try more of the food there.

ShuRaku Sake Bar & Bistro
833 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
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