Friday, November 5, 2010

Meat & Bread

Newly opened, Meat & Bread is a sandwich shop located in Gastown (right by Cambie and Hastings area) that serves exactly what their name says! Meat and bread. Mmm tasty combination. On their menu, they have a selection of hot sandwiches and also soups.

I've been hearing about their porchetta sandwich and how it is a must try when going there. Porchetta is Italian of origin and is a boneless roasted pork loin usually stuffed/rolled in a mixture of herbs.

Sitting at my desk at work with lunch hour looming around the corner and not knowing what to eat... I thought about Meat & Bread and decided to venture out there with a co-worker. We arrived around 12:30pm and the restaurant was packed full of people. We got in line and looked at the menu. I knew exactly what I wanted, a Porchetta Sandwich. My co-worker ordered the Meatball Sandwich. While standing in line, I saw the pork loin, the crispy skin and the perfectly rectangular cibatta bread... I couldn't wait to try the sandwich.


Mmmm roasted pork. And just look at all that crispy skin on the side. They put a bit of the crispy skin into the sandwich and it adds tastiness and texture to the sandwich.

Watching them assemble my sandwich. They slice the pork and then dice it, pile the pork onto a fresh cibatta bread and some salsa verde on top to finish it off.

And the finished product..... Porchetta Sandwich!!!

Porchetta Sandwich

I must say that the Porchetta Sandwich is one tasty sandwich. The pork was moist and perfectly cooked. The crunchy bits of the skin really added to the sandwich. The bread was soft too! I usually find cibatta bread to be hard, but not this one! This was one solid sandwich and worth the 20 minute wait in line =)

Overall Impressions: Meat & Bread makes one tasty Porchetta sandwich and worth the $8! The size of the sandwich is surprisingly deceiving. It looks small, but it's really filling. I will definitely go back and try their other sandwiches. The chicken sandwich looked good too. And my co-worker enjoyed the Meatball Sandwich and said "It was the best meatball sandwich I had".

Meat & Bread
370 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
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