Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe

I've always walked by this little blue bistro sitting on the corner of Thurlow and Haro and wondered how the food is there. I've heard mixed reviews about this restaurant and was curious to try it myself. On a Saturday morning, my boyfriend and I decided to try the brunch there. When we got to the restaurant, we saw it was quite empty. We hesitated for a bit before deciding to enter into the restaurant. We saw that there were only 1 other table at the restaurant. I found that a bit strange as most brunch places I've been to on a Saturday morning/afternoon have quite a bit of people.

The brunch menu there was simple (8 items) and reasonably priced (about $12). We saw that there were croissants there and wanted to try it. We ordered 1 croissant, 1 pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant), eggs benedict and crab benedict. I also ordered a coffee.


Left: Croissant
Right: Pain au Chocolat

Both the croissants were flaky, buttery and fresh. They were really really good. I would eat 10 of them if I could!

Crab Benedict, Potatoes, Salad

I ordered the crab benedict and I didn't really like this. The crab tasted fishy, the potatoes were really mushy/powdery/grainy and the salad dressing on the salad made it taste a bit bitter. The one item I liked in this dish was the brioche on the bottom. Overall, let's just say I wasn't a fan.

Eggs Benedict, Potatoes, Salad

My boyfriend ordered the eggs benedict. He thought that the sauce was a bit heavy, but he also liked the brioche.

Overall Impressions: The brunch food there was not that great. I didn't really like it all too much. But the croissants are really good! I will go back to eat the croissants. I *might* go back to try the dinner or even go there for drinks or for cheese. It looks like they have an extensive cheese selection there. I <3 cheese.

Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe
850 Thurlow St.
Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604.569.3415 
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