Friday, December 3, 2010

Yaletown Brew Pub

My co-workers and I decided to go to the Yaletown Brew Pub for lunch this week since it was close by and also because our manager raved about how the feature burger he ate there was the best burger he ever had. In his words, "This is so f[beep]ing good!". He said that if we were ever going to try it, we must try it with the bacon and egg.

We all headed downstairs to the restaurant and were seated right away. We all knew what we were going to order, the Brewer's Burger with the bacon and egg. I had fries with my burger while my co-workers had onion rings. I must say that this is one pricey burger! $15.99 for the burger and an additional $3 for the bacon and egg and another $3 for onion rings.

In addition to the burger, one of my co-workers ordered the UFG Pilsner Beer and an order of wings to start. He figured that he should at least drink the beer brewed in the name of our company. But sad to say, he didn't like the beer. He thought that the beer was too bitter and too hoppy.

UFG Pilsner

Hot Wings

These wings tasted pretty good! It had a lot of sauce on them. It would had been even better if the wings were a bit crispy. They were a bit soggy.

And, the burger!!

Brewer's Burger with Bacon & Egg
Chuck ground beef, Guinness cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, braised short ribs, bacon & egg.

I must admit, this is one TASTY burger! A tad messy because of the egg, but it's really good! The short ribs and caramelized onions are what made the burger taste sooooo good. I think without the short ribs, it would had been just any normal burger.

Close up!

Short ribs hiding underneath the egg. Mmmm short ribs...

Cross-section of the burger. That's one hefty burger!

The Burger with Onion Rings!

The onion rings were good too! Not too much batter and crispy.

And finally, a group shot!

Overall Impressions: The burger was really good! But deadly... It's tasty cholesterol, greasy goodness. And also $19, it's a bit pricey... After about 3/4 way through the burger, I was beginning to get really full. But I managed to finish it! The guys were also feeling it after eating the burger. I would recommend to try this burger once cause it's worth it! One burger I would really want to try one day is the db Bistro burger. Mmm meat.

Yaletown Brew Pub
1111 Mainland St
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604.681.2739  
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  1. One of the best burgers Ive ever had!!