Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Italian Kitchen - Brunch

I love sleeping in on the weekends whenever I get a chance <3 I woke up this weekend and called my boyfriend to find out where we were going for brunch. After thinking for a bit, we decided to try Italian Kitchen for brunch since I still have a Glowbal Group gift certificate and also we haven't tried the brunch there yet.

We arrived at the restaurant and I realized that I have forgotten to bring one of the free teaser cards... We walked through the doors and were greeted enthusiastically and seated right away. I ordered a coffee and we looked through the menus.


After much pondering, we decided to share the Breakfast Pizza and we both ordered the Wild Mushroom Benedict.

Breakfast Pizza
Bacon, free range eggs, fingerling potatoes, burrata cheese, scallions.

This pizza was really good! The bacon was crispy and the burrata was tasty. My favourite part of this pizza is the crust! I really really <3 the crust. It's just the right amount of doughy-ness/chewiness and it's not too thick or thin.

Close up of the Breakfast Pizza. When all the components are eaten together, it really reminded me of a baked potato. All that was missing was the sour cream :)

Wild Mushroom Benedict
Truffle hollandaise, parmesan potato hash

There were plenty of mushrooms and a lot of different types in this benedict. If you love mushrooms, this is something to get. The truffle hollandaise was soooo good. Actually, truffle anything is good!

The potato hash had cherry tomatoes and asparagus and was really good.

The one thing that I didn't like about this dish was that the eggs were over-done. On both of the dishes, the egg yolks were close to a consistency of a medium boiled egg. The yolks weren't runny and were more solid. Since the eggs on both the dishes were cooked the same, I wonder if they intentionally did this for this dish...

Overall Impressions: The service was really good this time around for brunch and the food was really good! With the exception of the over cooked egg... But other than that, everything we had was tasty.

Italian Kitchen
1037 Alberni St
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604.687.2858
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And I leave you with a picture of a Kapibara-san drinking Starbucks <3:

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