Tuesday, December 21, 2010

East Fusion Food

As long as I can remember, Tinseltown has been a relatively dead mall. Not much shops besides a movie theatre, a food court and a couple of restaurants. I didn't know that there was a Chinese restaurant on the main floor of the mall! My boyfriend and I decided to go to East Fusion Food since we were planning on watching a movie after dinner.

When we arrived, there was a fair amount of people inside the restaurant. But we were seated quickly. We sat down and they gave us these huge menus to look through. There were a lot of dishes to choose from! Appetizers, seafood dishes, chicken dishes, beef dishes, pork dishes, veggie dishes, rice dishes, fried noodle dishes and a variety of soup noodles. The menu was really vast and it took us a while to figure out what to order. The items on the menu reminded me of the dishes that you can order from a congee/noodle place. I wouldn't call this place fusion... It's more of a Chinese place.

After looking through all the dishes and debating what to eat, we decided to order the combo that they offer: Any 2 entree dishes and it comes with soup, rice and free chicken for $24. We ordered the Garlic Gai-lan and Tofu with Cod Filets, Pork & Mushrooms. We were about to order an additional noodle dish until the waitress reminded us that the combo comes with rice and soup! It was a good thing that she mentioned it cause we just glazed over the rice and soup!

Arrow Root, Pork Bones Soup

I believe that's what the root veggie is called in English, arrowroot... I know what it's called in Chinese, but I never really figured out what it's English name was. Anyway, the soup was good. Tasted just like how my mom makes it.

Garlic Gai-lan

I love gai-lan and I love garlic. Perfect combination! Gai-lan is such a good veggie!

I liked this dish. The gai-lan was cooked just right. I find most places either under cook or over cook it. This was cooked just right.

Tofu with Cod Filets, Pork & Mushrooms

The majority of this dish was deep fried. Deep fried tofu and deep fried cod. This was good too. But a tad salty for me. 

Free Chicken

I didn't like the chicken at all. It was flavourless and tasted like it's just been boiled. And there was also this thick goopy sauce on the chicken... So it wasn't good at all. No wonder it was free! :P

Overall Impressions: Overall, East Fusion is okay. I would say decent. There were a couple of good dishes, but it isn't something that I would rave about. The service there is friendly and it's a very English speaking friendly place compared to most Chinese restaurants that you can find in Vancouver/Richmond. Average pricing there, but the dishes were fairly large.

East Fusion Food
88 West Pender St.
Vancouver, BC
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