Monday, March 28, 2011

Motomachi Shokudo Ramen

We love ramen.  There's nothing better on a cold day than I nice hot bowl of noodles, soup, and pork.  Typically we alternate between our favourites, Santouka and Kintaro.  But last week we decided to hit up a ramen joint we hadn't been to in awhile (and hadn't blogged about yet), Motomachi.  Owned by the same people as Kintaro, Motomachi uses chicken broth instead of pork broth for their noodles which makes them quite unique.  It also makes their bowls a bit lighter than a normal ramen place.

We started with some Gyoza.  These are pretty much the same as the ones that Kintaro serves, which makes them ok, but nothing special.

I had the Shio Ramen with BBQ Pork, pork sparerib, angel hair leeks, menma, soft boiled egg, and sea salt.  Instead of the creamy shio broth that I was expecting, I got a fairly clear broth which pretty much just tasted like chicken broth.  This was kind of nice though as it made it very different from all of the other bowls of Ramen that I've had.  The egg was well cooked, and the two kinds of pork were both delicious with just the right amount of fat.  The leeks added a nice texture and onion-y flavour.
Flowerbunny had the Miso Ramen with BBQ Pork, angel hair leeks, green onion, menma, and corn.  This was good as well, and is a much lighter alternative to Kintaro's Miso Ramen.  She preferred mine however, as she liked how chicken-y it was.

Overall Impressions:  Motomachi is a good alternative to Kintaro if the line is too long or if you're in the mood for something lighter.  The chicken base makes it very different from the other ramen shops which can be a nice change every so often.  However, our favourites are still Santouka and Kintaro.

Motomachi Shokudo
740 Denman St.
Vancouver, BC
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