Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DB Bistro - Last Brunch

We decided to go to DB on their final day of service for brunch.  Over the last 6 months, it has become our favourite brunch place, and we were very sad to see it go. 

As usual, we started with a selection of breakfast pastries for the table.

Selection Of Viennoiserie - Cinnamon Bun, 
Croissant, Brioche, Apple Toffee Cake

All were very fresh and delicious, like always.  I hope their pastry chef, Celeste Mah, ends up somewhere else in Vancouver so we can continue to eat her baked goods!

For our mains, my girlfriend had the reuben sandwich:

Reuben - Homemade Brisket,
Housemade Sauerkraut, Russian Dressing

I had the their signature Duck Poutine Lyonnaise:

Duck Poutine Lyonnaise - Shredded Duck 
Confit With Onion, Mushroom, and Cheese 
Curds, Duck Jus, Sunny Side Up Egg

The Reuben was a bit smaller than we remember but was still very good.  

The Duck Poutine is one of the greatest items on any brunch menu ever. Slicing through the egg and letting the runny yolk mix with the potatoes and everything else creates an indescribable flavour.  The duck confit, mushrooms, everything goes so well together.  I'm going to miss this dish.

We don't normally have dessert with brunch, but given that this was the last time we'd be here, we decided to splurge:

S'more Sundae - Malted Fudge Sauce,
Graham Cracker Ice Cream, Toasted

This was so delicious!  The malted fudge sauce was like chocolate pudding, and tasted so good.  Couldn't really taste the graham cracker in the ice cream, nor the marshmallow in the meringue, but the overall effect was especially pleasing.

Overall Impressions: DB was our favourite brunch place and will be sorely missed, especially for the Duck Poutine.

DB Bistro Moderne
2551 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
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