Friday, April 8, 2011

Well Tea

In the mood for some cheap eats, we decided to head to the Well Tea's downtown location as it was close by.  After being seated we noticed they had these buttons on the table to call over the waitress when you wanted something.  Options included a call for beverage refill, asking for the bill, or just a general call.  I thought this was a pretty efficient way of getting around the usually lousy service that you get at most Chinese places.

Flowerbunny had a pudding milk tea as her beverage.
Pudding Milk Tea

It had a nice caramel flavour to it, though the texture took a bit of getting used to for me.  Flowerbunny loved it though.

I had a lychee slush.
Lychee Slush
It was nice and refreshing.

For her main, Flowerbunny had Sukiyaki Beef Hotpot.  She thought it was ok, but a bit salty.

We split an order of deep fried tofu which came with the usual sauce.  The tofu was nicely fried, and the sauce complemented it well.
I had the deep fried chicken nuggets with rice.  It came with three sides.

         Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets - With                    Sides - Sauteed mushrooms, daikon,
         rice                                                                                       peas and corn and carrots

This is my standard order when we go to bubble tea joints as I pretty much always enjoy it.  There was a lot of chicken in this case, not too much batter which was good.  The seasoning was tasty as well.  The sides were OK; not the best I've had, but serviceable.

Overall Impressions: Well Tea is one of the better places to go for bubble tea style food in Vancouver.  Try the chicken nuggets!

Well Tea
551 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC
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