Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Northern Delicacy

My friends and I always have some trouble deciding where to go for dinner. There's always some back and forth and some "I don't know... what do you feel like?" and some "I'm good with anywhere. Just pick a place". After some discussion, we decided to go to Northern Delicacy which is located right inside Aberdeen Mall.

When we arrived, the restaurant wasn't very busy and we were seated right away. The interior of the restaurant was simple and modern. But the booths there looked uncomfortable to sit in...It looked like solid wood and there were no cushioning visible.

After looking through the menus, we decided to order 6 dishes. And xiao long bao (soup dumplings) is of course one of them!

Xiao Long Bao

The xiao long bao aren't too bad here. They're a bit small and they only give you 5. Still tasty though. There were plenty of soup in the dumplings and the meat was well seasoned.

Pan Fried Dumplings

I like pan fried dumplings, so we ordered some. I really liked the dumplings as they also had some soup in them! 

Shiitake Mushrooms Wrapped in Bean Curd

This dish, translated from Chinese, is called "Vegetarian Goose". But it tastes nothing like a duck =P This dish is served cold, which makes for a nice appetizer.

This dish was really tasty! The bean curd firm and the mushrooms were well marinated.

'Shanghai Fried Noodles

The noodles here are pretty average. It had plenty of meat and cabbage which is always good. But the flavour of it was just average. There wasn't really any of the "wok hei" (the flavour that is infused in the food when cooked in a very hot wok over open flames. It's almost like carmelization-ish with some searing but not quite..)

Sauteed Egg Whites and Seafood

This is my favourite dish to eat at Shanghai restaurants. It's basically broccoli with egg whites and some shrimp mixed in the mixture and served with a raw egg on the top. You mix in the egg with the entire dish and it's really yummy. Although very good, this dish cost about $16... So a bit expensive.

Shrimp with Chicken

And our last dish we had was a shrimp dish with chicken. This was surprisingly good! It had lots of shrimp and the chicken was tasty.

Overall Impressions: The food at Northern Delicacy is solid. There are a lot of dishes to choose from and the service was quick and relatively friendly. The great thing about this place is that it's in a central location in Richmond - Inside Aberdeen Mall - and it's easy to get to! The downside about this place is that the prices are a bit high compared to most Shanghai restaurants and the portions are smaller too.

Northern Delicacy
4151 Hazelbridge Way (Inside Aberdeen Mall)
Richmond, BC
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