Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Michael's Wilton Cake Decorating Classes

I love to bake, but always wanted to learn how to decorate my cakes and cupcakes! I've always wanted to take a cake decorating class and finally looked into some options for this year. I saw a course at Vancouver Community College in their Continuing Education Paper and contemplated about taking the class since it would have cost me $300. By the time I decided, the classes were already full!

I chatted with a friend and she suggested that I take the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes offered at Michael's. She took all the classes and she said she learned a lot. One Saturday afternoon, while walking down Broadway, I saw an ad at Michael's for 50% off their cake decorating classes! I walked right in and registered for the class. $18 for the class is a pretty good deal! For $18, you get 4 classes, each running 2 hours long. But the $18 only covers the classes and not the materials. When you register for the class, they will give you a barcode which you can use to get 10% off the supplies. All supplies you will need to buy yourself. The cost does add up, but it seemed to be cheaper than the VCC option. The great thing about buying supplies at Michael's is that they always have a 40% off coupon. I bought a cake decorating caddy with most of the tools, some piping tips, cake caddy, cake turner and a can of the Wilton frosting.

I already went to 2 classes and have learned quite a bit. The first class covered all the basics of how to fill the pastry bag, how to make icing, the different icing consistencies and how to bake, torte and ice a cake. I didn't know that there were different icing consistencies that should be used when decorating! Thin for icing cakes, medium for everything else and stiff for roses. In this class, we had to bring in 6 cookies where we used for piping practice.

6 Cookies Decorated with the Star Tip

For the second class, we had to bring in an iced cake and we learned how to do dimensional decorating and boarders. I decided to make a chocolate cake with mint buttercream frosting!

Kapibara-san Cake!
I can't believe that I decorated a cake like that! I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I'm excited for the next class -> Cupcakes :D


  1. Hi from San Diego :-) I was searching google for cookies such as the ones you have decorated since I will be starting my first Wilton basics class tomorrow night. Like you, I received discounts on the courses and started kit materials. I think they seem to have the same discounts everywhere... Of the Wilton decorated cookies I've found, yours look the best :-) Thanks for posting your results and I'm looking forward to class! Did you buy the Ultimate kit? Or did you buy the individual kits as you went along? Thanks!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the comment! I hope your classes are going well for you! I did not buy the Ultimate kit. The sales associate at the Michael's store mentioned that if you are planning on taking all 3 Wilton courses, then the Ultimate kit is the way to go. I'm currently taking Course 2 right now and the individual kits are working out quite well.

  3. Hi
    How much did the kit cost? Estimate? And the other supplies?

  4. Hi, the kit cost me about $40 and it was on sale. The cost depends on which class you're planning on taking. The first class, there were quite a bit supplies to purchase and it's always good to keep an eye out for the 40% or 50% coupons that Michael's have as that will cut your cost down quite a bit. For the first class I spent about $60 on supplies (not including the kit).

  5. Thanks a lot. I am thinking about taking the first course next week and wondered how much I should budget.
    I have a 50% off coupon but it is only for one item.

  6. Hi, thanks for the information. I have my own company we deliver Birthday Announcement rentals. Anyways my husband wants me to sell it and get a "REAL" job. Since I can paint and draw this just seemed the right fit. There are lots of bakeries in my area on Craig's List that are hiring Cake Decorators that start at $10hr. so I have decided to take all the classes first, take pictures of my cakes put a portfolio together and apply. I was going to sign up at Joanns and didn't even think to look at Michaels. However I will check out their schedule today! Your article above says the classes are $18 and that's a steal compared to Joanns $45 pr class! I am so glad I'm doing my homework first! Thanks again!
    Good luck everyone!

    1. I just signed up as well and I am really excited. I went ahead and got the ultimate kit since I intend to take all of the courses. I was wanting to learn how to do fondant for cake pops anyway. My understanding is that Wilton actually backs Michaels and their teachers are certified. Michaels also has two coupons in their ad this week that you can use in the same transaction. You can download their app to your android or iphone and they accept those smartphone coupons as well. Joanns is currently offering 50% off of thier Wilton classes this week and a 50% off coupon. Unfortunately I don't believe they carry the ultimate kit, I haven't found one. If there is a Hobby Lobby in your area they offer the classes also. They have 40% coupons in their ads that you can print from their website. From time to time they offer incentives on their classes. Good luck in your class and your career change! Michaels also has two coupons in their ad this week.