Saturday, April 9, 2011

Golden Spring Szechuan Restaurant

Flowerbunny wanted to go back to this Szechuan place that she'd been to before, as she was in the mood for something spicy.  I'd never been, so we invited a couple of friends, and off we went!

The restaurant wasn't too busy when we got there, so we were seated immediately.
We perused the menu for a bit, and then made our order.  As you can see, on their menu they rate each dish according to the level of spiciness.  We only ordered one 'three chili pepper' dish, the fish hotpot.  They asked us how hot we like things, and we went with mild, so I guess they also adjust the spice factor relative to that request.

First up was our one cold dish, some sliced beef and tripe.
Sliced Beef and Tripe With Special Spicy Sauce

 This beef tasted really good, but I had trouble getting around the crunchiness of the beef, as they were very gristly slices.  Everyone else really liked this dish though.  It had very little spice to it.

Next up was our green vegetable dish, string beans.

String Beans

I think these beans were a little old, as they had a bit of a pasty texture to them.  This dish wasn't really spicy.

This was followed by eggplant with minced pork.

Eggplant With Minced Pork

The eggplant was a bit overcooked, and as a result a bit mushy, but it tasted good.  This dish was not spicy at all.

We then had the spicy fish hot pot.

Spicy Fish Hot Pot

This was super spicy!  So spicy, that everything else started to taste spicy because of the lingering effects.  The heat in this case stayed with you for quite awhile.  This was really tasty though, the fish was really nicely cooked and I enjoyed the spiciness.
Finally we had some tan tan noodles.

Tan Tan Noodles

While they were a bit hard to taste because of how flavourful the fish hotpot was, they were pretty good, and the peanuts helped balance the spiciness a little.

Overall Impressions:  This was a really good place for spicy food, and I'd be happy to go back.  I don't think I'd order that sliced beef dish again, but I'd love to have the fish hotpot or the tan tan noodles for sure.

Golden Spring Szechuan Restaurant
160-4200 #3 Road
Richmond, BC
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