Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Noodle Box

After hearing my co-workers rave about how good Noodle Box is and how good the Spicy Peanut Box is, we all decided to go there for lunch. When we arrived, the restaurant was relatively busy so we ordered our food to go. Noodle Box is the type of restaurant where you would order at a counter and then sit down while they make the food and bring it out to you. After looking through all the options on the menu board, I decided to listen to my co-workers recommendation and got the Spicy Peanut Box with Tofu. The Spicy Peanut Box cost about $13. The Noodle Box is a bit pricier than most noodle places. Average prices here are about $12.


After waiting for a while, we got our food and headed back to the office. The noodles came in a tiny Chinese take out box. The box appears small, but there are a lot of noodles in the box! Enough for 2 meals.

Take out box

Spicy Peanut Box with Tofu
Indonesian style peanut sauce, wok fried with peppers, asian greens, crushed peanuts, herbs, sprouts, coconut milk and lime on ribbon noodles.

Overall, the noodles were alright. I don't know if how much I paid for the box of noodles affected how I perceived the taste... It could be a possibility :P I liked the crushed peanuts and sprouts because it added a nice crunch to noodles. I found that there wasn't enough peanut taste in the sauce and the spiciness wasn't a flavourful spicy. It is the kind of spicy that sets your mouth on fire and then you can't taste anything afterward...

Overall Impressions: Overall, I found the food Noodle Box okay and it's a bit pricey.. for lunch anyway... and I can't seem to justify paying about $13 for a box of noodles. 

The Noodle Box
1867 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
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