Monday, January 31, 2011

Dine Out Vancouver - Fleuri

Fleuri was the first restaurant I went to for Dine Out Vancouver this year. Fleuri is located inside the Sutton Place Hotel and it was the restaurant that my sister wanted to try. When we arrived, we were a bit early, and we were seated right away. During Dine Out, Fleuri also offers their regular menu alongside their dine out menu.

We were hungry and we knew what we wanted to order. For appetizers, they offer 3 different choices, a Baked Onion & Parsnip Veloute, Smoked Duck & Beets Salad, or Walnuts & Goat Cheese Salad. My sister and I ordered the Smoked Duck & Beets and my brother had the Baked Onion & Parsnip Veloute. For the entrees, the choices were a Ling Cod, Beef Tenderloin Medallion & Braised Beef Flat Iron, or a Pappardelle Pasta. We all had the Beef Tenderloin Medallion & Braised Beef Flat Iron. For dessert, there was only 1 item available and it was the Buttermilk Ice Cream Demi Sel & Chocolate Bar.

Restaurant Interior

 Dine Out Vancouver Menu

Before our appetizers arrived, they gave us bread and also an amuse bouche which was a crab mousse with pineapple.

Assortment of Bread
Sour dough baguette, Pretzel bread and Onion bread

The bread was really good here! Fresh and soft. I liked how there was an assortment of different kinds of bread.

Amuse Bouche - Crab Mousse & Pineapple

The amuse bouche had an interesting taste to it. It wasn't something that will "amuse" the palate and it wasn't something I really liked either. It tasted a bit fishy and the pineapple was a bit of a strange combination with the mousse.

Smoke Duck & Beets
beet varietals, dill creme fraiche, fennel 

I thought that this salad could do with a bit more beets. It's a bit disappointing to just get a couple slices of thinly sliced beets on the plate. But the smoked duck was really good! It had this delicious smokey flavour to them and was really good with the beets. It was a shame that this salad didn't have more beets! (I <3 beets)

Baked Onion & Parsnip Veloute 
balik salmon carpaccio, apple jelly, salmon caviar, chive oil

My brother mentioned that this was something that he never eaten before and he wanted to try it. He said he was happy he chose the veloute because he really liked it. 

Beef Tenderloin Medallion & Braised Beef Flat Iron 
cauliflower, sweet potato gratin, mushroom stew  

I didn't really understand the reasoning behind the red & green sauces on the plate... I couldn't quite figure out what those sauces were.. But aside from that the beef was really really good! The beef was so tender and melts in your mouth. 
And onto dessert! My sister ordered a cappuccino and I decided to have a tea with my dessert.

Buttermilk Ice Cream Demi Sel & Chocolate Bar
butterscotch gel, chocolate wafer, hazelnut crumble

The buttermilk ice cream was a bit strange to eat on it's own because of the sourness. The ice cream is meant to be eaten with the chocolate bar. Once combined with all the components of the dessert, it worked out to be a surprisingly tasty dessert!

And to end the night, they gave us some petit fours which was a coffee/mousse/cake:

Overall Impressions: The dine out experience at Fleuri was pleasant and enjoyable. The servers were friendly and our hot waters in our teapots (we ordered hot water with lemon) were constantly being filled. I find that amazing because most servers will forget about the person that ordered the hot water! I always had to asked for a refill whenever I had hot water with lemon. But at Fleuri, they were on top of things! The food was good and worth the $28!

Fleuri (Sutton Place Hotel)
845 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC 
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