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Whistler - Araxi

My friends and I went to Whistler this past weekend for some snowboarding and food. Last year when we were at Whistler, we visited the Bearfoot Bistro and this year we decided to try Araxi. Araxi is part of the Top Table Group of restaurants that also include Cincin, Blue Water Cafe and West.

Great day on the mountains!

When we arrived at Araxi, we were greeted warmly and seated at our table. The dining room is spacious and the decor was simple and cozy. It was really welcoming. We were really hungry so it didn't take us long to decide what we wanted to eat. We ordered the Two Tier Seafood Tower to share and my friend and I also decided to share a Foie Gras. For our entrees, I had the Yukon Arctic Char and my friends had the Red Tuna, Herb Crusted Lamb, and the Canadian Prime Tenderlion.

All our food came out in a timely manner and the service was great! Our waiter was friendly and our waters were always full. Even the waiters who came by to collect our plates were friendly and pleasant to talk to. We all found out what the name of the tool that they use to sweep off bread crumbs off the table.. They're called Crumbers! We had a pleasant and funny conversation with that waiter.

Now onto the food!

Bread with a White Bean Spread & Olive Oil

Instead of butter, they have a white bean spread with olive oil. This was surprisingly good! But the one down side is that if you put the spread on the multigrain buns, you won't be able to taste the spread at all. All you can taste is the grains.
Two Tier Seafood Tower
10 oysters, 10 chilled prawns and 1lb Read Island mussels
seared albacore tuna, jellyfish, smoked salmon and dungeness crab roll

All the seafood was really fresh and this was really good! I don't eat raw oysters (because of a horrific food poisoning incident that happened when I had raw oysters in the past...), but my friends tell me that they're really good and that I was missing out. My favourite item out of this platter would be the prawns! They were huge, crisp, fresh and tasty with a bit of cocktail sauce!

More Seafood Tower Pictures:
Left: Top Tier
Right: Bottom Tier

Seared Foie Gras
House baked brioche, Okanagan bartlett pear and ginger chutney ruby port and black pepper glaze

This was unbelievably good!! The foie gras was pretty big (aw, poor duck..) and it just melts in your mouth. The chutney added an overall nice flavour to the entire dish. It wasn't too sweet and overpowering which was nice.

Yukon Arctic Char
Aged cheddar croquettes, scallions, creme fraiche and smoked sea salt parsley root puree and roasted local beets.

I ordered the arctic char and I really enjoyed it. The fish was cooked just right and I loved the crispy skin. The cheddar croquettes were interesting. When eaten with the scallions and creme fraiche, it tasted like a baked potato!

I also added a Crispy Oyster to my dish. That was really good too! The best fried oyster I've ever had.

Red Tuna
Alder smoked and grilled, with Across the Creek fondant potatoes and salsa verde
baby green beans, quail’s egg, baby onions and winter radish

My friend also added a Crispy Oyster to his dish and he also said it was the best fried oyster he ever had.

Herb Crusted Lamb Rack
Accompanied by a slow cooked lamb shoulder ragout with Pemberton crosnes, crisp parmesan polenta with salsify and mint

Canadian Prime Tenderloin 6oz
Pomme puree, button and king oyster mushrooms and sauce au poivre

My friends and I really enjoyed our entrees. The food was really good and we were pretty full when we all finished. Even though we were relatively full, we all still wanted dessert. I had the Lemon Tart and my friends had the Valrhona Chocolate Fondant and Black Forest Cake.

We also ordered some tea to go with our desserts.

Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea

Lemon Tart
Mixed berry sorbet and raspberry coulis, sweet pastry crusts

The lemon tart was fantastic! Really lemony, but not so much that it is too tart. The mixed berry sorbet was refreshing and it goes really well with the tart.

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant
Chocolate dentelle, chocolate caramel sauce, milk chocolate and earl grey tea ice cream

I tried some of the dessert and this one is good too! The earl grey tea ice cream is quite unique tasting and was really tasty. The chocolate lava cake was warm and had plenty of melted chocolate.

Black Forest Cake
Dark chocolate mousse, amarena cherries, triple chocolate stracciatella ice cream

I also tried a bit of this dessert and this one was good too. I normally love black forest cake and this one is pretty good! It isn't overly sweet and it had all the flavours of a black forest cake. It was light and tasty!

After dessert, we were all really full and content. And lastly, the bill:

Overall Impressions: My friends and I really enjoyed our experience at Araxi. The service was friendly and attentive and the food was well executed and delicious. I will most definitely eat at Araxi again next time I'm at Whistler.

4222 Village Square
Whistler, BC
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