Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pearl Castle (Richmond Centre)

We were wandering around Richmond Centre, and decided to stop in at Pearl Castle for some bubble tea food. The place was pretty busy but we managed to get seated right away.  We had forgotten our camera so we were stuck using my iPhone 4 camera instead.

We had two dishes.  The first to arrive was Taiwanese Sausage and Rice.  It came with 3 sides and a packaged grape Jello dessert.

The sides were cucumber with a garlic vinaigrette, potato with black bean, and some choy sum.

The sausage was good but fatty, and the sauce that came with it was a bit sweet.  The sides were all pretty average.

The second dish we had was deep fried chicken nuggets with noodles in soup.  Again, this came with a package of Jello for dessert, this time pineapple.

The chicken was nicely seasoned, but not quite crispy enough for my tastes.  The broth for the soup was very bland but the minced pork and green onion helped flavor it a bit.  The noodles were slightly over cooked.

Overall Impressions:  The food was OK, but I prefer the bubble tea food we had at Well Tea downtown.  The service here was also very slow.  We had to ask for our bill twice, and our water was rarely refilled.  The cost for each dish was $7.75.

Pearl Castle
Richmond Centre
6551 No.3 Road
Richmond, BC
Phone: 604-279-0177
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