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First Post - Lumiere!

I love food, I love to eat and I love to share these experiences with everyone.

I figured I'll start my blog off with the best meal that I've eaten to date! That would be at Lumiere. I've always wanted to try Lumiere ever since I've heard about it years ago. Lumiere is a French fine dining restaurant overlooked by Daniel Boulud and run by the youngest Grand Chef, Dale Mackay. There are only 160 Grand Chefs in the world! And who wouldn't want to dine at a restaurant run by one of the 160 talented chefs?

When I finally went, I was blown away by everything. The ambiance, the service, the food, and everything about the dining experience there was wonderful and perfect. The servers were friendly and knowledgeable about the food. Each dish that arrived was explained and any questions we had they all had the answers to.

When arriving at Lumiere, we were promptly greeted and seated. We were the first people in the restaurant and little did we know, we would be close to the last ones to leave. Initially, we were thinking of trying the 3 course Prix Fixe Special. But after browsing through the menu and taking into account of what our server told us about the 9 course Grand Tasting Menu, we opted to try the 9 courses. We figured that since we rarely get the chance to dine here, we might as well try everything! And surprises are always good as the 9 courses would be the Chef's selection. 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 3 desserts. Each dish that came out was beautifully presented and a work of art.

4 hours and 16 dishes later.... See more after the cut!

Amuse Bouche
Heirloom Tomato Jelly with White Sturgeon Caviar and Basil Parsley Puree

Watermelon Dungeness Crab Salad
Shiso, Melon Water, Horchata Sorbet

Citrus Cured Coho Salmon & Lox
Horseradish Cream, Pea Puree, Meyer Lemon & Lox with Crushed Wasabi Peas

Both appetizers were refreshing and light. A great start to the meal.

On the left, Quebec Fois Gras Terrine with Rhubarb and Fresh Almonds. And on the right, Roasted Qualicum Bay Scallops with Fennel done 3 ways, Avocado and Black Garlic. The scallops were cooked to perfection and this dish was my favourite out of all the appetizers.

Now onto the entrees!

Corn Ravioli
Brown Butter Foam, Snow Peas and Chantrelle Mushrooms

The corn ravioli was surprisingly good as it is something I would have not ordered if I just saw this on the menu.

Herb Crusted QCI Halibut
Black Trumpet Mushrooms, White Asparagus, Lobster, and Lobster Jus.

The halibut was cooked perfectly and the black trumpet mushrooms and white asparagus were really nicely salted and a great addition.

Cardamom Glazed Fraser Valley Duck
Walla Walla Onion Purée, Sweet & Sour Kumquats

From what the servers told us, the duck is raised by a couple who grain feed their duck. The duck was moist, the skin was sooo crispy and surprisingly, it was not fatty!

The last 2 entrees: On the left, a Duo of Opal Valley Lamb (lamb shoulder on the bottom and rack of lamb on top) with a Bean and Olive Medley, Pickled Ramps, and Spiced Lamb Jus. On the right, a Duo of AAA Beef Red Wine Braised Short Rib, Potato Fondant with Shallot Puree, Seared Rib Eye, and a Romaine Parcel.

After the entrees, there was a cheese plate before dessert.

Cheese Plate
Bleu Brie from France, in the middle is an Estrella Cheese from BC and Bleu Cheese from Southern France, Candied Almonds and Honey Comb.

And finally, dessert! The meal was paced in a way that I was not feeling too full and I felt like I had plenty of room for dessert.

On the left: Strawberry Consommé with Toasted Almond Ice Cream, Lemon Mousse, Almond Sablé
On the right: Cherry Pavlova. I don't quite remember what was in this dessert... Both desserts were tasty and fruity.

And finally, a chocolate dessert!

Hot and Cold Tiramisu Sundae
Chocolate Cremeux, Mascarpone Mousse, Ladyfingers, Coffee Ice Cream

This dessert came out with a chocolate disc on top and then hot chocolate was poured over the disc. The chocolate then melted and sunk into the sundae. The sundae was unbelievably decadent and chocolate-y.

And finally, to end the night, there were warm citrus madeleines and petite fours. Perfect compliments to our coffee and cappuccino.

Everything exceeded my expectations and when I get the chance to, I will be returning to Lumiere for another meal!

2551 West Broadway
Phone: 604.739.8185
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