Monday, September 27, 2010

La Belle Patate

Fries, gravy and cheese. The best combination ever! Whenever I have the craving for poutine, I would usually get my quick fix from New York Fries. That poutine is okay at best and cannot compare to the poutine that I had in Montreal. Montreal poutine is sooooo good and I was unable to find any here in Vancouver until La Belle Patate opened!

When I saw that La Belle Patate does Montreal style poutine, hot dogs and smoked meat sandwiches, I was excited to try it. The menu there is extensive. 26 different types of poutine, hotdogs, grilled cheese and of course, smoke meat sandwich.

I went to La Belle Patate on 2 separate occasions. The first time I went, we ordered 2 medium poutines: Poutine Extreme (beef, bacon, mushrooms, onions) and Smoked Meat Poutine, and a couple of hotdogs.

Poutine Extreme
Beef, Bacon, Mushroom, Onion

Smoked Meat Poutine

Both the poutines were really good! What made the poutine authentic Montreal style was the squeaky cheese curds! The cheese curds were not melted into a mushy lump like most places and retained it's shape and squeakiness.

Grilled Hot Dogs

They just ran out of Steamie Dogs, and told us there would be a wait for these hot dogs. So we changed our order to the Grilled Dogs instead. The hot dogs were topped with a tangy coleslaw and the combination with the hot dog and buns worked well together. It was a tasty hot dog. The one thing about these hot dogs is that I wished they were a little bit bigger. But other than that, the hot dogs make for a tasty snack.

The second time I went, we ordered the Smoke Meat Sandwich and the Galvaude Poutine (chicken and peas).

Galvaude Poutine

At first, I wasn't sure how peas and chicken would taste in a poutine. But this was surprisingly good!

Smoked Meat Sandwich Platter

I would say that the smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal are still the best. I have yet to find a place in Vancouver that could match it. The sandwich at La Belle Patate was okay. Not as good as the ones in Montreal. The bread was a bit dry. And for $11.50, it's a bit much to pay for a sandwich.

Overall Impressions: The poutine at La Belle Patate is by far the best poutine I've had in Vancouver. I like the squeaky cheese curds and the fact that the cheese doesn't melt into a pile of goo. I will definitely go back and try the rest of the other types of poutine and also the milk shakes!

La Belle Patate
1215 Daive Street
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604.569.1215
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