Friday, September 24, 2010

Bonchaz Bakery

My friend always raves about Bonchaz and how good the pastry buns there are. Every time he talked about it, I would always want one cause it sounds so tasty!

A Bonchaz is a brioche-like bun with a milk filling and a crispy top. It comes in many different flavours: Original with Sea Salt, Banana Walnut, Chocolate Truffle, Apple Cinnamon, and Matcha Green Tea. I decided to try the Matcha Green Tea one and he got the Original with Sea Salt.

The buns were fresh out of the oven and were soft and warm. I like the softness of the bun and the slight crispiness of the topping. There was also plenty of filling in the buns! The Matcha Green Tea Bonchaz filling had a slight green tea taste and wasn't over powering. I really liked the coconut topping that it had. The Original with Sea Salt was also tasty! Over the 2, I think I like the sea salt one better.

Original with Sea Salt

Matcha Green Tea with Coconut Topping

Overall Impressions: I will definitely visit Bonchaz again to try all the other flavours! I really like the softness and crispiness of the buns and how it isn't too sweet.

Bonchaz Bakery
426 West Hastings
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604.626.7215
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