Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food Cart - ReUp BBQ

In the mood for pulled pork and wanting to sample some of the new cart vendors that have popped up as a result of Vancouver's street food initiative, we decided to head to ReUp Barbecue in front of the Vancouver art gallery.

The line up was pretty long and we ended up waiting for 10 minutes or so before we were able to order. The menu is nice and simple. A pulled pork sandwich will set you back $6 plus HST. You can add a homemade sweet tea or soda for $2 plus HST.

ReUp serves their pulled pork with coleslaw on top which is just how I like it. To keep the line moving as smoothly as possible, they make as many sandwiches as their counter space will allow, serve all of those, and then make another set.  

When the...I'm not sure what you'd call him.  Cart-guy?  Vendor-man?  Purveyor of fine pork products? Whoever he is, when he noticed us taking pictures, he asked if we were bloggers, and then set up the following shot for us...

...which was exceedingly nice of him.

Finally we were able to sample his wares:

The BBQ sauce and coleslaw both had a really nice kick to it.  The bun, slaw, and meat all tasted very fresh.  The meat was juicy and tender and the sauce was fantastically flavorful.  My only complaint is that it wasn't quite enough to fill me up.  A side of some kind definitely would've helped.

Overall Impressions:  The spiciness of the sauce sets this one apart from others and ensures that I will be back for another sandwich.

ReUp Barbecue
700 Hornby Street,
Vancouver BC

*Cash Only
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