Thursday, September 23, 2010

Japadog - Robson

When I saw that Japadog was opening an actual store back in February, I was excited because walking to the Robson store from my work place would be closer than trekking out to the Burrard and Smithe stand.

One lunch hour, my co-worker and I decided to try out Japadog. The menu at the store is slightly different than the one at the stand. They have the standard Terimayo, Oroshi and Okonomi and also some new hot dogs: Love Meat, Negi Miso, Tonkatsu, Yakiniku Rice and dessert hot dogs! They also have shaken fries on the side and you can choose from a variety of flavours: Aonori (seaweed), Teriyaki, Japa Shio (sea salt), and Butter & Shoyu.

When we arrived at the store, it was really busy! It took a while before we could order. The store itself isn't that large in the inside. There are a few tables and chairs where people can sit in and eat.

I decided to try one of their new hot dogs, the Love Meat. It's a hot dog with meat sauce and melted cheese. The concept of this hot dog reminded me of a chili cheese dog... but done the Asian way.

I watched as they prepared my hot dog and saw that after the cheese is put on top, they torched each hot dog to melt the cheese. Mmm melted cheese. When I took a bite into this hot dog, the meat sauce tasted really similar to the spaghetti bolognese sauce that you would get at a Hong Kong cafe.

I also wanted to try the fries and ordered the Butter & Shoyu fries. I wanted to try the Teriyaki flavour but they didn't have that available when I went.

The Butter & Shoyu flavoured fries tasted like butter popcorn. I didn't mind the taste of the fries, but I didn't like that the fries were really soggy. I guess after tossing them in butter and soy sauce, they would go soggy. If only they were fried just a bit longer, it would retain some of it's crispiness.

My co-worker ordered the Oroshi and the Aonori fries. The Oroshi is my favourite hot dog! I love the daikon, soy sauce and green onions. This hot dog is good with the wasabi mayo!

The Anori fries were soggy too. I like this flavour better than butter one that I got.
Overall Impressions: I must say that Japadog has the most unique hot dogs that I've ever ate. I'll most definitely go back for more. <3 Oroshi. Whenever I have friends from out of town visiting, Japadog is one of those places that I always take them to.

Japadog (Robson)
530 Robson St
Vancouver, BC
Phone: 604.569.1158
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