Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Lynn Canyon Cafe

A friend of mine from out of town was visiting and wanted to go hike around Lynn Canyon to see what that was all about.  When we arrived, we decided to indulge in a pre-hike lunch to supply us with hiking fuel.  There appeared to be only one option there, the Lynn Canyon Cafe, so we went with that. The menu was a bit expensive, but we didn't really have much of a choice.  The menu they have posted on their site is different from what we  had available to us.  I ordered the organic cheeseburger which didn't come with fries or anything.  This was actually pretty good.  The beef had a nice flavour to it and the toppings seemed fresh.  The cheese wasn't melted on top, but I kind of like my cheeseburgers better that way for some reason.  My friend ordered a piece of fried cod which she thought was ok, and we split some onion rings which weren't great - in fact they tasted like they'd been frozen.

Overall Impressions: As there are no other options, you're kind of stuck with the food here, and while it's a bit expensive, it's at least edible, and in the case of the burger, actually pretty decent.

The Lynn Canyon Cafe 
3690A Park Rd.
North Vancouver, BC

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