Tuesday, July 5, 2011


A friend of mine works down at a little restaurant on Commercial called Theresa's and recommended I come by for breakfast.  It's a great little place that has vegan and vegetarian friendly options and the people who work there all own a part of it.  The food they serve is all fair trade and organic, so you can feel good about eating there.

MangaBunny had The Gravely:

The Gravely - Eggs, Avocado, Tomatoes,
Potatoes, and Toast

This was a really fresh, light breakfast.  The potatoes had whole cloves of garlic in them which added a lot of flavour.  The eggs were done just right and the toast had a really nice texture to it.

I had The Hastings:

The Hastings - Eggs, Bacon, Potatoes,
and Toast
The eggs, potatoes, and toast were all great.  The bacon was really nicely cooked and had a great meaty texture to it.  The bacon wasn't fried crispy, so if you like it that way you'll have to request it methinks.

We also split The Adanac:

 The Adanac - Two Thick Sliced French Toast

This was stuffed with cream cheese and came with a strawberry syrup/jam like side to dip it in.  It was very rich, but really tasty.

And lastly, just because I can't resist getting one whenever I go, The Vegan Cookie:

Vegan Cookie

This has a really unique texture and taste, a must try if you go.  It's super chewy and delicious.

Overall Impressions:  Theresa's is a bit out of the way for me, but well worth the trip.  The prices are great, and you get a ton of delicious organic food.  They recently re-opened after a fire shut them down for what seemed like a year at least, so if you haven't been, go check them out!

1260 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC
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