Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Migz BBQ

Realizing that our last coupon from the now defunct goodnews.com was about to expire, we decided to finally use it up.  Migz has some pretty bad reviews on urbanspoon, but the coupon was very cheap so we'd decided to risk it.

 The menu, it lies!

We got there on the early side, around 5:30, and the restaurant was nearly empty.

Flowerbunny had never had hushpuppies before, so we decided to share an order of those to start.

 Hushpuppies - Deep fried cornbread
fritters with spices

These were served with little butter packets, and were kind of bland.  They seemed to have a bit of onion in them which helped a bit with the flavour, but overall, they were fairly boring.

St.Louis Side Ribs - Since this place is supposed to be a BBQ joint, we decided to sample their BBQ.  Flowerbunny had never had St.Louis style ribs, so she decided to give those a shot. Sadly, these were not well made.  Ribs should be fall-off-the-bone tender, and these were really tough and dry.  Also, for $18.95, you'd think you would receive more than five bones.  They sliced the ribs up for you before they brought them to the table which was odd.  For her sides, she chose crab macaroni salad and corn bread.  The crab was pretty much undetectable in the salad and overall was bland.  The cornbread was ok, but very dense. 

I went with the Pulled Pork as it's the standard by which I compare BBQ places.  The pork seemed to be chopped up rather than pulled which was not good.  It was also quite dry and didn't have great flavour.  For my sides, I went with a baked potato and coleslaw.  The potato was watery and a bit mushy.  The coleslaw was actually pretty decent, easily the best thing we had that night.

Overall Impressions: Don't waste your money.  The prices were way too expensive for the amount they gave you.  If I'd payed full price I would've been pretty unhappy.  With the coupon, I only felt slightly ripped off.  If you want good BBQ, try Peckinpah in Gastown.  Memphis Blues would also be preferrable.

Migz BBQ
2884 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Migz BBQ on Urbanspoon

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