Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aphrodite's Café & Pie Shop

Looking to wash the taste of Migz out of our mouths, we decided to walk over to Aphrodite's Cafe for some pie, as it was relatively close by.

Aphrodite's is a quaint little cafe on West 4th, with great home-y decor style and feel. It was a bit warm inside, but we were seated next to a window with a nice breeze. 

The entrees that people around us were being served looked delicious, but we were there for dessert.  Their menu is completely organic and has vegan and vegetarian and gluten-free options.

We started with drinks.  Flowerbunny got the Pie and Chai, so she got an iced chai tea.  It was full of spice and quite tasty.  I got a blueberry lemonade which was really nice an refreshing, perfect on a hot day.

For our pies we stayed pretty traditional.  Flowerbunny had the Apple, which is her favourite.  There was a little heart-shaped dusting of cinnamon on the plate.  She loved the crust and thought the apples were tasty and not too sweet.

I went with my favourite, blueberry, with vanilla ice cream.  The blueberries were still slightly firm which gave the pie more texture.  They weren't too sweet, but weren't tart at all either.  The pie crust was flaky and delicious.  The ice cream was exceptionally rich and creamy, the perfect accompaniment to the pie.  I'm guessing it's made in-house too.  It had great vanilla flavour.

Overall Impressions: Aphrodite's is a great place for dessert, and looks like an equally good option for dinner as well.  I definitely want to go back and try some of their mains.

Aphrodite's Café & Pie Shop
3598 W4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
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