Friday, May 13, 2011

Secret Garden - Afternoon Tea

One weekend, my friends and I decided to spend the afternoon drinking tea, eating pastries and doing some catching up. We all decided to go to the Secret Garden which is a little tea shop located in Kerrisdale. This tea shop can be easily missed if you're not paying attention!

For afternoon tea/high tea, it is recommended that you make reservations because they do fill up relatively quick. If you walk in, you may get turned away if you don't have a reservation. Reservations can be made for 12pm, 2:15pm, and 4:30pm everyday and cost $26.95 per person.

I was one of the first to arrive and was greeted and seated at a table set with shiny white china! The little tea shop was cozy, warm and home-y. It had a country-side feeling to it. Wooden cabinets filled with china and comfy chairs and wood tables.

While waiting for the rest of my friends arrived, I took at the teas they have. They have over 40 different types of tea that you can choose from. For afternoon tea, you choose the tea and they will bring out a three tier tray of pastries, desserts and sandwiches.

Tea Shop Decor

Tea Cozies

Once all my friends arrived, we ordered our teas. I got the Vanilla Almond tea. All the teapots had these cute cozies to keep the tea warm and also to prevent people from burning themselves on the sides of the pots (which I've done a few times before with teapots!)

Tea cup and sugar bowls

Three-tier of tasty goodness

On the top, it was the desserts, the middle had the scones and pastries and the bottom had all the sandwiches.

I started with the middle tier first! Scones and pastries!

Cranberry Scones & Banana Caramel Bread

The pastries were really good! Scones were buttery and the banana bread had a lot of banana flavour. The scones tasted even better with the Devonshire cream and jam!

Egg salad pinwheel, Croissant with ham, gruyere cheese, olive tapanade, and Brioche with bacon, egg, tomato, harvarti.

Perfect bite-size sandwiches. My favourite one is the egg salad one. It definitely taste freshly made. The rest of the sandwiches were pretty tasty.

Chocolate strawberry marshmallows, Lemon tart, Upside down caramel apple cake

All the desserts were really really good! I love lemon tarts and the ones they have at the Secret Garden were good! On top of the apple cake is a marzipan apple. Wasn't a fan of the marzipan apple as it had a strange grainy texture to it.

Overall Impressions: The Secret Garden is a great place to hang out with friends and to have afternoon tea. It's a reasonable price for afternoon tea and there is a lot of food! Don't let the portion sizes fool you. We actually had some left over sandwiches that we couldn't finish! The service there is friendly and the tea pots were always full.

Secret Garden Tea Company
5559 West Blvd
Vancouver, BC

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  1. I was house sitting in Kerrisdale and my gf loves this place so I humored her and went for breakfast, the food was actually really good, I went back for lunch another day..the regular menu isn't huge but the food was quite tasty